Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Batman and Alex Start a Blog

I look pale next to Batman's golden brown tan.

So for those of you who don't the end of March, (2010) I sold or gave away everything I own, except what I can carry on my back (okay, I kept some books), and have begun traveling around with my dog (Batman). Everyone I have talked with about this little escapade has insisted that I start a blog, so here it is.

Peer pressure 1, Alex 0. I hope you're all happy.

During the course of our adventures, I have only one rule. Anything that makes me nervous, apprehensive, or outright scared, I have to do it. This has encouraged me to engage in random conversations with strangers, walk Batman without a leash, live with people I barely know, and visit a medical marijuana farm in a random guys basement (and that's just the beginning of that story).

More on that later...

So far it's been amazing and I'll be adding more and more to this blog as this new life unfolds. I hope that this servers as a means of staying connected with, and becoming connected to, all the people out there that want to take part in this adventure with Batman and me.


  1. That's an interesting idea. I had no idea you were doing this.

    Will you be taking pictures?

  2. I have some "pictures" when he was staying with Derek and I.... but they will cost you.... and you must be 18 yrs or older

  3. I will be taking pictures. And when Devin writes "pictures" he means badly drawn fantasies about when I stayed with him and Derek. He tried to blackmail me, but after I saw them, I realized they were not even worth the "just let me see you with your shirt off" cost.

  4. Blackmail, homoeroticism, art... you guys always did know just how to turn me on.

  5. Waiting, Holding my breath..........., for the next installment